Sunday, April 29, 2007

"I am the TINKER KING"

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  1. Here he is
    He is coming now
    He hath arrived

  2. I had the change the title to do some stuff on the blog at work. I'll change it back later.

  3. Just did some work there on the blog. I'll tell you something. There is some seriously funny shit posted on this blog.

  4. Speaking of which, I would like an updated 'Legendary Posts' section.
    My legendary posts are certainly not that anymore.
    And what not.
    But good stuff with the blog. I'm happy out.

  5. Yeah, the handiest way to do that is to find whatever posts you want to add and put a 'Best Bits' tag on them. I'll change the sidebar then. Don't forget to remove the 'Best Bits' tags from the posts you want removed from that section.

  6. Well, The Lizard King was rubbish.

    Long live the Tinker King.

  7. I must commend you Daly on your two most recent posts.
    Pure entertainment.

    I'm on a conference call now, wearing sunglasses.

  8. Jesus, the blog is fair good now. It's pure respectable like.

    I feel like I should be wearing a tie.