Sunday, April 08, 2007

Wrath of God

The Shadow of Dominion,

And the Suggestion of Servility.

Man's Augmentation,

Their Refinement,

But a Blotch,

A Glitch.

To Dissolve,

And Wash Away.

In Time.

Temporary Loss.

And Untimely Wisdom.


  1. Oos!

    Lovely scenery. This looks like some weird, hungover adventure into the wilderness to make peace with oneself after too much booze the night before.

  2. The baby is a result of a bear raping a tree. If you can believe it.

  3. Well, the real story is that the bear got kinda drunk one night and tried to get with the tree. The tree is slutty anyway, but was experiencing woman pains, so was reluctant.
    I mean, the bear did it anyway... just he felt guilty later.
    Wasn't really rape.
    They made up anyway and fucked properly a few days later.
    It's amazing how much that child looks like a human.