Monday, October 29, 2007

New Blog Post

I'm posting on the blog! I'm writing words!! Things are being written! I'm making a vague comment about something that happened me or something I thought about. It's poorly worded and doesn't make much sense. This is something I'll realise later. I'm writing a post on the blog. It will appear at the top of the blog. I'm wondering what font I should use. I mess for a minute with other fonts before returning to what I think was the original. I'm not actually sure as I wasn't paying attention to the original. I'm wearing a hat and glasses. The hat comes down over my ears. The glasses are sitting on top of the hat. To an alien it may look like i've got no ears. But an alien that may think that probably wouldn't know what ears are.

I've stopped meandering off the point! I'm coming to the end of the post. I'm struggling to think of something short and snappy to end the post with. I'm struggling to think of a one word closing. I attempt to resort to two words. I can think of nothing for that or three. I move to four. Again, I fail miserably.

That was four!

That was three! Success!