Thursday, April 21, 2005

I Don't Wear A Watch

I wake up early, usually too early to do anything. Mostly, I lie in bed until it's time to get up, which is always ten minutes before college time. Ten minutes is enough time to get dressed, wash what needs to be washed and not eat anything. I go to college.
During college time, several things always happen.

1. I'm first into class.
2. Ian turns up listening to music on his little creative mp3 player.
3. We chat about the blog or about important televisual highlights from the previous night. For example, Carnivale which is great. Sometimes we talk about music or how much we hate people. Well, I usually talk about hating people. Ian just talks about hating me. Which is person singular.
4. The lecture starts and no-one shuts their stupid fucking mouths. Until, of course, the lecturer cracks a joke, when everyone just moans.

After one our two of these lectures, it's canteen time. Canteen time involves buying a bottle of water or a pint of milk and one chocolate muffin. We sit and look around for babes for an hour, all the while cracking wise about nothing. Sometimes our canteen time takes a serious turn, but mostly it stays friendly.
After another couple of lectures, it's home time. Home time includes listening to crap radio and cursing women who walk, pram first, across the road in front of the car without looking neither left nor it popular cousin, right.
At home, I go on the Internet. I can stay on the Internet all evening sometimes, downloading music, writing for the blog, talking to you guys who read this. Usually the best time of my day, not to sell college short which is more fun than my description makes believe.
Dinner time usually runs parallel to Internet time. Dinner consists of chicken and potato ingredients. Usually a variation of both. Southern fried of one with mash of the other. Goujon of one with croquettes of the other. That kind of thing. I don't always have chicken and potato, mind. Sometimes, well more often than not, cereal is the substitute. I enjoy corn flakes, rice krispies and wheatos. Coco Pops would pleasantly surprise me some days.
I don't watch t.v. much anymore, apart from select shows, like carnivale as mentioned above. I watched The Wire when it was on and it was badassss. Deadwood was the best show I have watched in years when it was on. Battlestar Galactica blew my brains away. Only Carnivale is on now though. I do catch MTV 2 once in a while but even that has gotten shit in the last couple of years.
Before I go to bed, I shower and listen to music. Actually, music plays a big part of my post college time. I have taken to listening to Lcd Soundsystem every night now. I love Losing my Edge and I actually dance to it when it's on. Then, when my hair is dry, I go to bed. Sometimes I listen to bed-time music. Sometimes I do not. Recently, if I do, it has been Devendra Banhart. He's great.
At this point, I go to sleep. If you want to know what the next day is like, start reading from the beginning again. Maybe substitute listening to music for watching movies. My days don't deviate much.


  1. I'm not going to write another one of these. So, don't worry your pretty little heads.

  2. Good post Rob, it was good. Do I talk about hating you that much?

  3. Try dressing the night before! Also industrial strength deodorant means washing can be a thing of the past.
    Arrested development is still worth watching on TV.

  4. Adopting the Jessie style of responce.
    Daly> Until you post, you can shove your opinions up your ass. Fuck yea. WHOOP!
    Ian> No with a but. Yes with a click, dot, forward slash, colon.
    Kelly> Yes, Arrested Development is worth watching. Damn you Kelly and your powers of stating the obvious. I envy you.

  5. I already do that, right before I throw them out there. Lends a sickly sweet aroma to the whole proceedings.

  6. There are new posts up on the City Fist blog. It's fucking unreal. It makes this one look like shit.

  7. Fuck you Daly, go build a Java game. You whore. Whoreson nave bastard. You make us look shit. Because you look like shit. You shit resembling bastard. Why dont you try taking city fists cock out of your over used and post something, or get your own blog, as opposed to attempting to be the overseer of all that is.

  8. I ain't overseeing anything. Hell I'm doing my best to try not to see any of this.

  9. Hello Robert.
    Despite what daly says i believe that you are possessing of a singular talent for writing.
    The freeplay of daly's comments should be stemmed and only replied to when he has something constructive to add like say a combination of toilet and wallpaper.
    Did you like the poem i left for you?

  10. Someday we are destined to me, you and i, and discuss people matter. But i have limitted access as i am locked up for most of the day for my own pleasure.
    Your avid fan.

  11. Ian. I love it when you comment dirty.

  12. yeah ian ur comments thats are "Dirty" are refreshing and keep this blog kick ass, but lately ur forgetting to use the word fuck, I can't remember the last time I saw Motherfucker!


  13. Motherfucker! You're right Phant, I am loosing my motherfucker heritage. Advice taken.

    Thanks for your input Sabine. I will most assuredly bear it in mind. I aim to please.

  14. Keep up the swearing and the j walking but try to let your poor neighbor's wife finally get a climax. One should never fuck with another person's orgasm, that is beyond horrid.

  15. No worries, I popped over today after college, before the motherfucker came from work. She's relaxed. Ass.

  16. Id fucking love some wheatos right now. All I have is Bran Flakes. They do keep me regular but they are damn boring.