Monday, May 16, 2005

Yeah, it's smart alright.

Give it your best shot.


  1. And what the fuck am I meant to be looking at?

  2. you evil vile tormmenting bastard.

    i love it

  3. God damn the both of you. I am going to call up Satan to fuck the both of you up. Satan does it Chicago style so all they gonna find of you two are your finger nails.

    Jesus Christ.

  4. Damn Robert. MMmmmMMm

    How YOU doing?


  5. Fuck Satan, I will punch satan in the face. I'll be all like "Fuck you Satan". You giant beverage!"

  6. I would like to point out that I am a close personal friend of the devil so youmight have a hard time getting him to fuck me up but I apprecaite the sentiments

  7. I'm finished with this hootenany.


  8. Oh Christ. Why don't the two of you get a blog?

    No but seriously, you could. And you could sequentially post ever more revealing pictures of yourselves, while Ian masturbates furiously at the thought of you masturbating furiously at the thought of Ian masturbating furiously at the thought of... etc etc.

    Just a suggestion.

  9. Daly did u get Kylie yet, I sent the email a few mins ago

  10. Nope, apparently not. Send a blank email to the same address. It could be that my spam filter is killing it.

  11. Good Idea Daly. I'll get right on it. Ok from now on Ian and I will keep the skank on my blog (or his) b/c we all know I'm a slut.

  12. Wow, 12 comments. Thats like 10 more than I thought my mouth, chin and some of my nose would generate.

  13. Just got that shit phant. Some quality stuff. You were really close to the stage!

  14. Yeah I was really surprised he as able to squeeze off as many as shots as he did before the bouncers laid the beat down on him.

  15. THose bouncers were ghouls!!!!!!

    But that didn't stop me, u've only seen a little of what i got...

    Imagine what Destinys Child will be like!


    2fm better give me a good seat!

    My friend who has a meet & greet has front row... Hope 2fm don't screw it up

  16. shit I want to see!!!

    No fair hogging all the celeb shots.

  17. I wasn't angry. God no...
    I was acting it, oh yeah.
    Sorry for making you believe I was angry. I had to get off to stody no because of what youse twos were doing.
    And i ended up not studying afterall.

  18. Jesus, I just heard in the news. Kylie's got mothafawkin canca. Jesus.

  19. It's all your fault for being a beady eyed pervert.

  20. Also, Daly, go here and check out the mp3's. I recommend one near the bottom by Jamie Lidell.

    Soul and Funk.

  21. Yeah i think that conclusively proves it. Thinking someone is hot gives them cancer.

  22. All the next gen consoles have been announced. God i'm so fucking excited.

    Go here Rob:

    (it's about the Revolution) I'm not even going to pretend that it's cool (though it is), but compared to the XBox360 and the PS3 it's a non-event.

  23. I'm looking forward to Nintendos machine. It will have fun games. More fun than those other two machines and I'll play the shit out of it. Frankly, at this stage of the game, graphics don't matter any more. There won't be/can't be a significant step in that department this go around. Unless that's nintendo big idea. Four Dimensions. Jesus, that would kick ass. To really run around in a ball on a moving platform. OHHHHHH!.

  24. Is someone ever going to post they Kylie pics or at least a picture of Ian's ass? Come on people throw me a bone.

  25. Seriously Rob, stop spouting bullshit. XBox and PS3 games will be as fun as the Nintendo offerings they just wont have the kiddy graphics and they won't need the constant fucking excuse - it's not crap, its fun. Fun is like Nintendo's crutch. Halo - fun, but you don't need to qualify it to people by saying it's fun. Grand Theft Auto - fun, again you don't need to explain to people that it's fun.

    As for your point about graphics, stick it up your arse. Yes graphics is becoming a domain of deminishing returns but there's a long way to go yet. If you'd seen recent renders of the Source engine using HDR lighting you'd be shutting the fuck up. Drop in some Physics Processing Units and wait for your eyes to explode.

  26. Wow, emotional... .
    I don't know Daly, I don't like Halo. I don't think it's fun. I'm the minority on that one, though.
    I love GTA but I wouldn't call it fun like I call Monkey Ball fun.
    For me, when it comes to video games, I don't want the most realistic option all of the time. I like Mario and all of his weird spin offs. I like Pikmin. I like kiddy graphics because that's what games are about for me. I don't like them exclusively, mind you. Resident Evil kicks ass. I loved Gran Tourismo 3. But fuck that. Nintendo are looking to do something new and probably more intersting than just making a more powerful machine. That's lazy. In fact, I hear the pads are the same for XBOX 360 and PS3. That's only bullshit.
    And you know what, when it comes down to it, I would rather play the DS over the XBOX. I think that says alot.
    Graphics. I got one thing to say - Doom 3.

  27. Oh yeah.... splurge.

    Best o' fucking luck on the exam, tomorrow, as well.

  28. Oh I think that says a lot about you alright.

    As for the PS3 and XBox using the same pads? Like you said, that IS only bullshit. Where did you even hear that? I'd love to know.

    I think if you pulled your head out you'd realise the MS and Sony have done a lot fucking more than just turn up the power. That's a criticism that's levelled at them all too often and it's unfair. They've been evolving as fast if not faster than Nintendo. Wireless controlers, WiFi access, HD support, Blu-Ray, even DVD for christ sake. And what about on-line? Nintendo left out on-line gameplay cos they thought it wasn't what people wanted. What the flying fuck? Just cos you cant rub, squeeze or blow the fucking XBox doesn't mean there's a lot of innovation and new ideas gone in there - first console with a hard drive, custom soundtracks, online gaming arena etc etc. Of course that's the attitude you'd expect for a nintendo fanboy who has to try and make excuses for an underpowered, under-supported console.

    Look Rob, you know full well that i'm a lover of the 'tendo but when you start spewing crap like "More fun than those other two machines... graphics don't matter any more." you are quite clearly talking shit.

    Graphics. I've got one thing to say - Pong.

    Yeah best of luck with the exams, to everyone who reads this. I'm in for a fucker of a one in a few hours.

  29. Robert - I just download "apology song" by theDecemberists and thought the lyrics were pretty funny. nothing else has donloaded so far so I wondered if you had any thoughts on them

  30. Decemberist, I've only heard one or two of their songs. I don't know much. They are supposed to be like Neutral Milk Hotel in some ways... I hear.

    Christ Daly, replying to you is hard. You're so interested in this topic and I can hardly bring myself to care half as much as you obviously do. So, I'm just going to give my point of view straight up.
    When it comes to games, I don't want anything you want. I want to play new games with new ideas, that offer more than just choose my own music. Or fucking HD. Or wireless controllers. I am categorically not interested in anything you seem to be interested in. What I do not want, is another driving game, another sports game, another platform game, another shooting game.
    But, I want what Nintendo are offering. In fact, I am not just leaning more positively towards Nintendo, I am literally feeling more negative towards PS and Xbox. Xbox in particular. I honestly believe absolutly everyone has lost their focus as to why they play games. I mean the very basic reason as to why they play. Microsoft really doesn't give a shit about that. It's all money to them. Both them and Sony are looking to sell similer products to the same demographics. They are essentially now, just two sides of one coin. Nintendo are doing something different and people seem to think that it's shit.
    But look, this is my opinion. You obviously think I'm full of shit but I think everyone else have lost theur minds. I do stand by this - "More fun than those other two machines... graphics don't matter any more", though. Having played all three consoles, I've had more fun with the cube than the other two. Xbox ranks a distant third. Just so you know I'm not just basing all these opinions on crap, I have actually played these machines.
    I think that's pretty much where I stand on this. If you reply, don't try and sway me, just say I'm full of shit and be done with it.

  31. Yeah you're full of shit alright. You're also wrong, not that that's a surprise to anyone who's read this far down. You say "When it comes to games, I don't want anything you want." Well I think that sums it up really. You see, I want good games. So what does that leave you wanting? Games that aren't good?

    You want what Nintendo are offering? So, a lack of games and some gimmicky rubbish? You're more concerned with not fitting into this "evil" demographic than anything else. So you hide behing Nintendo's eternal crutch: "No, i like games that are fun, so i've got a Nintendo." Seriously get over yourself. It's like you're simply afraid to admit that anything without cutesy animal characters could be fun. Do you really need a fucking signpost? You needn't answer that. It's fairly obvious.

    Hold on! I have it. Developers, roll up, roll up, for the secret. Make your game, but do it in primary colours so Rob will think its great. It can be crap if you like, that doesn't matter. Rob will think he's some sort of gaming zen, in the midst of a sea of people who don't understand.

    Why don't you just turn up the colour on your TV. That way everything can be fun.

    Ahh, listen Rob, never mind we'll end it here. There's no point. You seem to forget when reaching for the moral high ground that I like Nintendo aswell. But while i'm open to all consoles and games, you're obviously a paid up member of the "MS = Evil, Sony = Evil, Nintendo = different, so it HAS to be good" brigade. I'll leave you to it, you're not doing any harm.

  32. Jesus Daly, although I explained myself as clearly as I could, you still didn't understand me and still you said I was full of shit.
    I never said Microsoft and Sony are 'evil' and I don't believe that. I just said they are in it for the moeny. You inferred that meant evil. I just mean they don't give a shit about games. And that is plainly fucking obvious. I actually think Sony make solid products. I still like PS2.
    I don't stand behind Ninetendo because I like fun games and Nintendo are fun. I prefer them because they are innovative in the areas I am interested in.
    And I was not taking a moral high ground, I was giving my point of view.

    But answer this, Daly. Why is it so wrong to have innovative gameplay as my number one priority for a new games console?
    I would like to think it would be your priority too.

  33. Well Bollox anyway,
    Im only joining in now, Ya daly, AMEN, u are so right....
    Im have ALL consoles, everythiny, Cube, ps2, xbox, sp, ds....
    So when christmas comes and SSX3 is released, which is on every console, i purchase it on an XBOX!
    Rob u know he's right when he says Nintendo saw its "fun"...
    Let us be the judge of that, not them...
    Also, Im getting abit annoyed with Nintendo and the PORTS!!!! Oh my GOD...
    can't they make something and say "ya thats good, now lets make something else"... I understand if somethings not broke, don't fix it... But like how can they have the "creative halo" over their head with so many ports... Or even spin offs...
    I was Sickened when i bought Rayman on the DS, its a fucking Port of the N64, I already cleared that game and the was no innovation to make it "fun", not touch, sound or wireless ability was brought in....
    And Sony! THEY just love thier gadgets don't they! Sickens me, atleast MS give u a hard drive, WHATS WITH MEMORY CARDS! they cud atleast give u ONE when u box the playstation, theres no point in having a ps2 unless u have one... And the PSP they are totally milking it with a Value pack coming with a Second battery cuz the one is so shit they'd get murdered seeling with one, A case to protects its fragile skin, and the Memory stick isn't worth shit if u wanna do half the fucking shit Song tell u that it can do, WATCH MOVIES, PLAY MUSIC and VIEW PHOTOS with a 32mb card!!!!!!
    Say no more...
    So the Xbox is the only one that cuts the SHIT and gets on with it...
    Ahh I feel better, can't wait for the 360, oh ya!

    Hey, I'll email who ever wants the kylie photos, I need ur email... Yep its terrible about Kylie, and rob u weren't very nice about it as well when we spoke about her, thats lousy, she only a person too, so what if music annoys u...

    Rob, Ian and I played the Nintendo DS today, we all had one each and it was a good laugh, honestly u should hear the shit that comes out of Robs mouth when u drive past him, lol, funny man,,,

  34. I do understand what you're saying Rob. Clearly. I just think your love for Nintendo is clouding your vision in this situation. You said yourself you feel negative toward MS and Sony.

    I never said it was "so wrong to have innovative gameplay as my number one priority for a new games console." You're at the wrong end of the stick again Rob. But saying that graphics don't matter is rubbish, to be honest. It's all part of the experience.

    You said you don't want "another driving game, another sports game, another platform game, another shooting game." You'd rather stick with something different for the sake of it.

    Jesus Rob, what happens if the next Mario game is a platform game? Do you want that or not? Will it be OK if you have to control it blindfolded, with your feet?

    But look, each to his own. You're not interested in games, just new toys. I'm cool with that.

  35. That's a good point that Phant makes (somewhere in there) about Nintendo's ports. For all their innovation they have a habit of releasing the same stuff over and over again. The new GameBoy Micro - yet another gameboy - along with the advance and DS. And there's yet another one coming. For phuck sake.

  36. Christ, Daly, you are annoying. I don't know how I got into this discussion.
    And you have me so totally wrong that I've spent the last minute just fucking hopping up and down in anger.

    You don't understand what I mean. I am not saying driving/shooting/platform/whatever games are bad. I am saying that I, personally, just me... my opinion.... for my own enjoyment... that I want to have new gaming experiences and not to be stuck playing the same types of games. This is what Nintendo are also interested in. So, if that means I control a game blindfolded, with my feet.. then so be it.

    And I don't know what you are talking about Phant. I said Kylie caught the disease early and she has plenty of money so she'll be fine.

    Jesus fucking Christ.

  37. And I don't even care that much.... games are not really one of my major things.

    I think I'm just sick of people being so blind to obvious marketing bullshit. PS£ is 35 times faster than PS2. So fucking what. In then years it's going to be shit. The only aspect of this that will matter then is if the games were good or not.

  38. LOLOLOLOLO Rob, I'm winding you up man. I knew what you were getting at - that you don't want just another driving game clone or platform game clone. I think only the very hardcore like that shit.

    What is still a pity is your willingness to jump for stuff like 'blindfolded with your feet'. It's quite clearly crap. Different isn't always good.

    As for your comment about marketing, that's also a pet peeve of mine. The numbers that are being thrown around by Sony, MS and Nintendo at the moment are nonsense. (Yes, Nintendo are at it as well. Shock! Horror!). I hate that people are taken in so easily by marketing. Normally cynical people just start sucking Sonys ass when they hear talk about 2 gigaflops. Jesus.

  39. What numbers are Nintendo knocking about?

  40. Some claims about being the second biggest console maker and second biggest game maker in the market - untrue, having 94% of the handheld market (although that wouldn't surprise me, it does seem a bit too high and it's still Nintendo spinning numbers to impress). And their speil about 2 billion games sold.

    If i come across them again i'll post em up.

  41. Jesus fucking christ. This is hellass redundant. I can remember having this very same altercations with friends when I was about 10 and getting a Super Nintendo. All the sega nay-saying fuckers were like "Oh thats shit." Fuck sake. Fuckers.

  42. Yeah Ian, you made a shit fucking choice when you were 10. Sega is where it's at.

  43. Fuck Sega and fuck you! You fucking whore. Go suck Isao Okawas cock. Manbitch.

  44. Yes, it's true I do. But alas, not as well as you do my dear Daly.

  45. I am great at everything. Cheers.

  46. while this thread may be dead the combination of Ian's lips and sucking will never get old.