Monday, July 04, 2005

Things I think aren't myths.

  1. Dane Cook
  2. Bob Dole
  3. Big Foot
  4. Chinese people
  5. The internet
  6. Cows
  7. The A-Team
  8. Me
  9. The Cheese Master


  1. You forgot cheese master. You know that dude is somewhere right now mastering some cheese. SLap that son of a bitch down on the list.

  2. Also I know Dane Cook isn't a myth because he is a Legend. The mutha funksta should be waving his flag on that list.

  3. Of all the things I know the fact that the internet is a myth is the only one I am sure of!
    Also I live in the country but I have never seen a cow.

  4. That's so weird man cause I live in a cow and I've never seen the country. What are the odds? Anyone?

  5. BTW, how come there are only nine Things I Think Aren't Myths and eleven Things I Think Are Myths?

    Someone could get the impression that perhaps you're being biased to one side, which, seeing as you're the author and that they're your thoughts etc. is perfectly fine by my rationale, but, you know, other people may think these things. Sometimes.

  6. Other people can shut the fuck up, have a coke and a smile and be happy that I dont put them on the list.

  7. Oooo... I do so love it when Ian talks mean.