Thursday, August 11, 2005

Irish Independent Letter

It occurred to me recently the many privileges Dublin enjoys over the rest of the county. It began when my brother informed me of a new terrestrial television station that would broadcast in only the Dublin area. Whether what he said is true or not is irrelevant but it made me remember a short-lived daily Dublin newspaper from about a year ago, one which national radio stations included in their morning paper round. I thought, "Well if they include a Dublin paper, why not my local Limerick paper or Cork paper."
But then it got me thinking about how the media portrays Dublin in comparison to the rest of the country. When Limerick was going through a violent phase about a year ago, every little incident made front-page headlines and demonised the city. I actually met a Dubliner in a local Chinese who told me how her friends were afraid to drive through the city. And now Dublin itself is going through a similar phase, but the papers wash over it, putting more emphasis on the money that flows through the city, new developments, new roads etc.
And it continues into all aspects of life. Old Dublin city is gone, replaced with a ‘vibrant’ new Dublin, where one can swim in the streets for the vomit, and where the opening of a new pedestrian bridge is occasion for parade. Where a man can be beaten to death with the handle of an axe and nobody cares. Where students flock to live in expensive apartments that have unique features such as the kitchen slash bathroom. Where people actually believe they are cosmopolitan, when all they have is a little bit more money than their parents that they will spend on elaborate coffees, and jobs that require them to work twenty-five hour days.
But I have a solution. A grand, epic solution that would be a perfect accompaniment to how marvellous Dublin is. Although it is a big project, and it may go over budget, it will be worth the effort and inevitable delay. I propose Dublin should become it’s own country. Yes, a simple idea but with a delicious twist. Not only should it become it’s own nation, but it should be cut, sliced, from the rest of Ireland. Or saved from the rest of Ireland, some of you might think, a huge chunk of land floating off into the ocean, waves lapping at the new coastline. Oh, the image of desperate men leaping from Ireland to Dublin will terrify some, and newspapers such as yourselves may be afraid to show these pictures but in the future, many years from now, we will be thankful for it. Think of all the effort it will save.
Dublin will now be as important as it wants to be. Not only will it be it’s own capital city but also it own country. Europeans will eat that up and tourists will flock to see New Dublin, a name modelled after New York. And since half the population of Ireland now lives in the greater Dublin area, well there will be plenty of people to tax for new roads and probably a few bridges. A great Metropolis, a city on the go, nobody sleeps, everybody works, no more water shortages as you are surrounded by the stuff. Infinite beach, and an infrastructure already in place to support the city, airports, pubs, restaurants, theatres, an entire government, which you can keep by the way. The rest of Ireland can find it’s own.
Yes, it’s a radical idea, but a necessary one. Dublin won’t become one of the worlds greatest city with the weight of a country on it’s back. And I believe there will be many, many people who will approve of the idea, both in Dublin and outside of it.


  1. Though sent, it remains unpublished.

  2. Right on. god damn dublin people think the own the place

  3. Irish Independent...
    Irish Broadsheet... though, it has some tabloid tendancies.

  4. They must have thought you were taking the piss. But I can see your point.

  5. Well I was taking the piss to a point. But Ireland has stopped being a country and has just become about Dublin. Every major Government dept. is located there. Newpapers call it 'the city'. People flock there. half the population of Ireland lives in the greater Dublin Area. It's the most expensive part of Ireland, which on a whole, has become very expensive. And it's exceedingly deluded. It wants desperately to become Metropolitan. Like New York. But it doesn't have the foundations for it. Just got some money due to the Celtic Tiger, and it automatically went straight to its head.

    Money fucking ruined this country.

  6. Seamus breathnach7:16 pm, April 28, 2008

    Dear Sir,

    Concerning Dublin,might I record the fact that on Friday and Saturday the 25th and 26th of April, 2008, I enquired at some ten top book sellers in Dublin for a copy of Joseph Atwill's book Caesar's Messiah. Although published in 2005, not one copy was available.

    Does this not prove that the Irish people are an extraordinarily spiritual people indeed? Or, could there be another reason?


    Seamus Breathnach