Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Day of Rockening

At this stage all of the boys have finished their exams. I'd like to congratulate everyone on behalf of everyone else. I hope, no indeed, I pray (to nothing) that each of us lived up to our potential.


  1. Potential ruined many a good man. I pray for things with quantifiable characteristics: quality sex, regular sex, quality sleep, regular sleep, regular quality sex followed by regular quality sleep.

  2. Then I am your polar opposite.

    I pray for the indefinable, the ethereal, the unreliable flashes of brilliance. Potential is where its at.

  3. I was only kidding, man. I don't pray. I was only stating that for the media so they'd take my side.

    The world exists because of polar opposites.

  4. The world exists because of polar opposites.

    Well, I can certainly understand the axis around which your argument revolves..

    ho ho ho.

    ~twirls 'tache like a tit~