Sunday, June 11, 2006

Inverted Chocloate Eclairs

Did you ever, after a particularly noble dump, turn around and look in the bowl? There's no need to answer aloud or anything... even though I would hear you if you did. Wooooo... But, no, there's no need to answer. I already know what you'd say.

Did you ever, having seen the massive shit you've deposited, cogitate over the fact that you've been carrying that dirty bomb around in your body for the past few hours... Unpleasantries, I know.

Did you ever, having cognitively made it this far, look at another person and realise that they're little more than a frail bag of meat and fat, literally filled with shit. I sometimes do. Though I wish I didn't.


  1. Its like you plucked this post directly from the darkest recesses of my brain and then defecated it all over the shit bowl known as the internet.

    Daly, I uproariously applaud.

    (Is uproariously a word? If yes, did I spell it correctly?)


  3. Sometimes, I release what I like to call 'A Trilogy': A truly epic poo that actually comes out in three alternately tapered parts.

    Unlike most trilogies, all three parts come out at the same time.

    And I never release a 4th 'cash in' installment.